BioDec is a small team of IT professionals with more than fifteen years of experience. We offer consultancy on software development, mentoring, design and implementation of IT infrastructures and their maintenance.

We have a wide range of expertises, ranging from bioinformatics to scientific computing, from the project management of complex software projects to their maintenance (let us say DevOps stuff).

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Michele Finelli

We help you develop the right Agile strategy enabling you to reach your business goals and become a more resilient organization

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Roberto Bettazzoni

Conference related services. Audio/video recording and publishing services. Merchandising distributor. Possibly much more.


Your technical partner for the modern Web, Mobile and IoT development Remote customer teams can rely on our developers as technical partners, using Elixir, Erlang, React, React Native, and Objective C What can we do for you

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Gianluca Padovani
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